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Developments in Almanzora, Almeria

Almanzora Group New Builds
As an official Almanzora Group S.L. marketing partner we are informed of the new developments before public release, therefore we are able to reserve the most sought after plots. If you would prefer to purchase your Almanzora Group property off plan we will recommend the best plots available which will provide you with the best possible investment returns when your property is completed.

Boddington Manor, H.Q of the Cheltenham based Robert Hitchens Group, o­ne of the UKs most consistent and successful developers and sister company of The Almanzora Bay Group.

The Almanzora Bay Group has been active o­n the Almanzora coast since 1985, turning its ambitious concepts into reality and building properties of high quality and style.

The Group is committed to long term investment in the region and to increasing property values and creating opportunities, for both residents and visitors to the Almanzora to enjoy and experience a better quality of life.

Desert Springs, Almanzora
Desert Springs is an International award winning family leisure resort and golf club, with excellent luxury homes set beside the emerald green fairways of a unique and stunning international desert golf course. Besides the high quality country houses, villas and cottages, colonial town houses and apartments, the resort offers a range of exceptional family leisure facilities; swimming pools, day spa, tennis, paddle, beach volley ball courts and gymnasium, the Crocodile Club, El Torrente bars and restaurants, the championship Indiana Golf Course and The Academy of Golf. Relaxing at Desert Springs…..

There are plenty of leisure and relaxation choices at Desert Springs. The cool misty natural swimming pools, jacuzzi, sun lawns and kiddies play area at the Croc Club beckon…if these are all to much, then the Day Spa@ Desert Springs is for you! Enjoy the Rosewood and Pool bars at the Croc Club or meet at the Golf Clubhouse or the Cave Bar. El Torrente offers fine dining, The Croc Club has Mediterranean and Pacific dishes and o­n the Club Deck over Powder Creek…. golfers fare! And to work it all off: tennis, paddle, beach volley, a state of the art aerobic gym, mountain bikes, jogging,trim trails and nearby sandy beaches, snorkeling, diving, water sports, horse riding and- off road driving. The par 72 International golf course was inspired by the top quality desert courses of Arizona; played thoughtfully, the Indiana can be both fun and testing, but it is always visually stunning; bright green fairways contrast with the surrounding landscape of cactus, rock and flowering desert. Home ownership is the key to priveleges throughout the resort and to preferred membership of the golf club, including the right to nominate members and to The Almanzora Groups own homebuyers, Non- Resort Membership joining fees are included!

Homes at Desert Springs start with Colonial style Apartments and Townhouses and traditional Cottages set around pools, to spacious Villas with individual pools and gardens, that line the fairways all built to luxury specifications.

Villaricos, Almanzora
Old fashioned simplicity is a term often used to describe the traditional Spanish fishing Village of Villaricos. A traditional but lively life …. Villaricos was o­nce a Phoenician port that resurfaced as a silver mining boom town in the 19th century before reverting to the pleasant but vibrant village that it is today.

Each morning small fishing craft return with their catch ti its two tiny harbours, satisfying the demands of the villages excellent local bars and restaurants. there is also a lively beach bar “Las Brisas” o­n Villaricos own sandy beach.

Every weekend the people of the village meet in the old square where a colourful market is held, this is traditional village life at its best, where both old and new sit alongside each other in harmony. for locals and visitors alike…..

The village holds its very own fiestas, starting with Easter Parades complete with their own marching bands and, in the summer, the fire cracking “Toro del Fuego” and the sea going “Virgen del Carmen”.

Village and harbour life in Villaricos present contrast and variety throughout the year.

Playa Marques, Almanzora
Beach lovers can choose from a great variety of fine sandy beaches where there is plenty of space to relax along with many excellent beach bars to enjoy. The biggest and best of all is “El Playazo” the great beach of the Almanzora, stretching for kilometres between Villaricos and Garrucha, in the centre of which is Playa Marques, location of The Almanzora Groups " Beach Houses" and “Beach Cottages”.

Beach life in the Almanzora is just as it should be, offering variety, tranquillity and seclusion. The nearby harbours of the traditional fishing village of Villaricos and of the fishing port of Garrucha offer opportunities for sailing, diving, snorkeling fishing and water sports.

At Playa Marques you’ll find superbly situated villas and courtyard style townhouses many directly overlooking the beach and Mediterranean sea.

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