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About Dartford Estate Agents

Welcome to Clifton & Co Estate Agents, we are an established estate agents in Dartford, Hartley and Otford established since 1996, our award winning offices covering the North West Kent and South East London borders are here to help.  We specialise in Residential Sales, Residential Lettings, Property Management, Mortgage Services, Land and New Homes and Architectural and Planning Advice.  We have the ability and confidence to deliver a quality estate agents service -

Great communication from your estate agent or letting agent is critical if you are to enjoy your move. Our policy is to employ good communicators who are fully committed to customer care and assisting our clients throughout the entire moving process.

We have an extensive 20+ year’s knowledge as estate agents and letting agents in North West Kent and we are here to give you sound advice.

“We help people move or rent”

Has your property value increased?
Call Dartford Estate Agents - Sales / Valuation 01322 227700
Call Hartley Estate Agents - Sales / Valuation 01474 700101
Call Otford Estate Agents – Sales / Valuation 01959 588999

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