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10 steps to sell your home in spring

10 steps to sell your home in spring

Property The Guild of Professional Estate Agents 18th March 2016

The daffodils are coming up, the sun is coming out and the UK property market is poised for action. With Christmas out of the way, lots of people choose to put their homes on the market in spring, so they’re ready to move in summer. This busy property market can present a bit of a challenge for selling your home, as there’s plenty of competition. 

Here’s our simple guide on how to successfully sell your home over the next few months.

When we say spring, we mean March, April and May. So how do you decide when the best month, or even week, to put your house on the market is? This all depends on who is most likely to be interested in your house. If your most likely buyers are families, you might want to avoid the Easter holidays. However, if your property is suited to young professionals, it could be a good idea to market your property during the bank holidays when they are off work and keen to begin searching. Speak to your estate agent to find the optimum time to market your home in order to achieve the most amount of interest.


Make the most of the bank holiday weekends that spring up over the course of the next few months and do some DIY jobs. Fixing any problems and doing some light decoration can easily give your house a fresh look. Remember, lots of other houses on the market will have had a quick revamp, so make sure yours looks just as appealing.

Spring Clean
It goes without saying that a spring clean works wonders when selling homes. Go beyond a quick wipe round and use the opportunity to have a big declutter and deep clean. And make sure you pay attention to the windows – any streaks will instantly show up when the sun comes gleaming through.

Kerb Appeal
With winter just out of the way, it’s likely that the outside of your home has taken a bit of a battering from the wind and rain. Give your windowpanes, front door and garage door a fresh lick of paint so it looks neat and tidy. And consider choosing a lovely pastel shade to make it feel really on trend for springtime. Your hallway is just as important for making that great first impression, so hide the thick winter coats and replace them with pretty scarves and a wicker basket for your hats and gloves.

Over the next three months, the weather can be anything from sunny and hot to dreary and a bit chilly, and this can really effect the temperature of your home. Make sure the thermostat is set at around 21°C so it feels comfortable during viewings. If your home feels cold, avoid lighting the fire before viewings and instead turn the heating up. It can also get pretty hot during the day when the sun shines through the windows. Try opening the windows in rooms that catch the sunlight in the afternoon to stop them getting too hot, but remember to close them just before any viewings to help minimise noise.

As lots of properties come to the market in spring, it’s important that yours stands out on your agent’s website and the property portals. If ever there was a time to get professional photographs of your property taken, it’s now. Work with your photographer to find a day that’s bright and sunny and try to get them round while any blossom or flowers are in bloom so it looks particularly eye-catching.

It’s likely that you haven’t paid a great deal of attention to your garden during the winter months, so make it a priority to do some gardening before any photos are taken and viewings take place. Painting the fence and mowing the lawn will instantly make it look neater. A quick trim here and there can also make all the difference. If you’re keen to add some interest or colour, opt for a few potted plants for a simple solution.

Appeal to the senses and make your home smell as fresh as possible. Although fresh coffee and baked bread is often advised, they can smell too homely and personal, which can make buyers feel like they’re intruding. Instead opt for a floral reed diffuser, and make sure you choose a nice, light scent as anything too potent could put people off.

Available to View
It’s absolutely vital that your property is available to view during the busy spring property market. With lots of properties on the market at the same time, it’s likely that buyers can easily opt to view another house if yours is unavailable. Handing this responsibility over to your estate agent will take the stress out of your hands, and you can rest assured that your house is being viewed while you’re busy at work.

Lots of people start looking at properties during the spring, but not all of them are serious buyers. In fact, many are simply getting a feel for what’s available and what they can afford. If you’re very keen to move and sell your home successfully, consider accepting an offer from buyers with a smaller chain, even if their offer is lower, to increase your chances of the sale going through.

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